Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mobile Meetup

Well, we have been here for a couple of hours and got one visitor, my friend Pat. Pat wanted to talk about taxes and I helped him reconcile an issue. Cool and I'm not even a CPA.

So, I was going to flash my n800, but it requires a full charge and it is still charging. I guess this will have to wait until later.

Antoine and I were talking about the next meetup and were thinking about having it at the NYC Nokia store... They would probably kick us out after a while, but it is worth a try. I'll make sure to post about it if we decide to go for it.


So I am back on a Symbian kick again. More specifically, a Nokia kick. I found a sweet deal on Craigslist; someone wanted a Cingular branded Treo 650 and he was willing to trade his Nokia 9300 and his Nokia e62. So we made the trade and it was a good trade for both of us. I used the 9300 for a few weeks and really like it's form factor. (More on that in another post) I jsut switched to the e62 a couple days ago and am using it for the first time without Good Mobile Messaging. So far so good. If you are not familiar with the Nokia line of mobiles, I highly recommend checking them out,

I would dare to say that Nokia is my favorite manufacturer of mobile phones/devices. What is your favorite device or manufacturer?