Thursday, December 13, 2007

Treasure the life you have been given

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I report that my friend Marc Orchant has passed on. Marc passed earlier this week and was laid to rest yesterday. He was surrounded by friends and family to the end. If you feel lead to make a donation to Marc´s family, Oliver Star has created a paypal donation link for that. Matt Miller has also set up an Amazon Affiliate account and everything made in that account will be donated to the Orchantś. So if you are doing any shopping on Amazon, please use affiliate code zdnmobgad20.

I felt like I needed to share that to get some closure on my previous post, but to also take this opportunity to highlight the importance of treasuring the life God has given us. I believe that Marc did that, at least in the short and narrow part of his life that I was able to be a part of through his blogs and podcasts. I have been reading blog posts and comments about Marc this week and I have learned that Marc loved his friends and his family and people knew it. I know that may sound weird to say, but it is important to let those we know and care about that we do indeed love and care about them. Some people call it learning someoneś´love language´, but I think it can be something as simple as showing some kindness and even saying ¨I love you¨. My dad makes a habit of saying ¨I love you¨ at the end of our phone conversations and I appreciate it. My dad did not get the chance to say goodbye to his mother before she passed and I wonder if that plays a part in it because he started saying I love you more after her passing. I have tried to practice the same thing in my conversations also. Some people might think that ´cheapens´ the phrase by saying it so often, but I disagree. I believe that by saying it and we clearly make our feelings known, because if we don´t the other person may not know it. Life it too short for that nonsense.

So make sure that you tell those that you love, ´I love you´ more often and you might be surprised how much better life can be for you both.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Prayer Needed

While I cannot profess to being a prayer warrior, I do believe that prayer is good and necessary. God is all powerful and prayer is one way for us to connect with Him. With that out of the way, there is a friend of mine whoś health is in a critical state. Marc Orchant is a tech blogger who has some good insight on mobile tech and time management. (Google him) I call him a friend, but really he is more of a virtual friend, because I have never met Marc in person. Now that you know a little about Marc, he has suffered a heart attack and is currently in a comma. While his vital signs have stabilized, Marc has remained in a comma and it is unclear if he suffered any brain damage.

Please pray for Marc. For his recovery, for his family.