Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back on my Nokia 9300

I am back on the Nokia 9300 again and have been using it for the past week. I still like the form factor and have gotten over the lack of vibrate notification.

I am finally using a Goosync account to sync my local device calendar with my Google calendar. Sometimes it works, other times it syncs an hour off. Still not sure why. (If you know how to fix that, please leave a comment to this post)

While I use the gmail java client for my main gmail account, I have a secondary account set-up on the communicator's native email client as a pop account. I use it to send/receive file to/from my device. Today I used the device to take notes during the sermon at church. I then emailed the finished document to my main email account for "storage". While I could not view the document in html format from a pc, but it did import properly into Google Docs.

I have to admit that taking notes on a keyboard during a discussion or a presentation, is not natural for me or the others around me, but it is just an experiment for now.

Here is the list of apps loaded on my 9300:

*Gmail client
*EBook reader (no books installed yet)
*S80 bible reader with NIV.pdb

More to follow as I continue to use it.