Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Review of the JAVOedge Desktop Charger for the Treo 750


The JAVOedge desktop cradle is a simple charging station made for your desktop, but don't star into the light.


The overall design of this desktop charging cradle is simple. The cradle has a hard wired USB cable for data syncing and power port for plugging the cradle into a wall outlet for charging the device. When the cradle is receiving power its little blue light on the front of the charger lights up very brightly, but that is all it does. It stays lit the same bright blue whether the device is fully charged, not charged, or even in the cradle at all. If you could tell already, the blue light is a annoying. As a matter of fact, I have to keep the cradle in another room so that we can sleep at night. It also has a useless sync button, since Windows Mobile devices normally auto sense with the computer when connected.

OK, enough negativity. I like the molded device guide that helps to ensure that the device goes on the connector properly without any guess work. The low profile base extends from the back of the cradle to give it plenty of stability and a clean look.


The cradle does provide a charge only option via the wall charger, a sync only option via the USB cable or both if the wall charger is used while the USB cable is used. To charge the device, you must use the wall charger. A USB cable alone will not get it done. It charges and syncs data well and is completely plug and play. Unfortunately, I was not able to test this on a Mac as I do not have one yet. As I stated before, the sync button on this model is useless and the blue light on the front of the unit does little for functionality or deign.

I wish the wall charger connector would double as a regular "Treo plug" wall charger. Instead, it is only useful on the cradle alone.


Overall this device delivers on what it promises, charging and syncing. The blue light can be annoying so be warned. I wish it had a slot to charge an extra battery like my Palm designed charger. It would be helpful for a power user like me. At a retail price of $32.95, you could find a comparable cradle for charging and syncing for less.