Sunday, September 28, 2008


So one of my new mobile gadgets is a Zune by Microsoft. I was in need of a replacement mp3 player since my iPod was not working properly. I looked at many options, but settled on this unit because it gives me 80GB of storage and was used on craigslist for a good price, $100.

After a little work, I successfully downloaded the zune desktop software and had the device reformatted for my use. It holds all my music and my begining selection of videos, the first season of The Office.

I liked the idea of the unique social feature where you can connect to other zune users via wifi if their wifi is enabled and in range of your wifi enabled zune. I tried it out for the first time at the Easten Market in DC. When I arrived with Sarah at the Easten Market, I enabled the wifi and tried scanning for other zune users in the area. I was unsuccessful in funding anyone else with a zune,via wifi, and only seemed to annoy Sarah with my geekyness in the process.

So for now it is my trusty media player and the new games that arrived with the software update a few weeks ago are about as addicting as solitaire on a pc.

That's it for now. If you are reading this and own a zune, I encourage you to turn on your wifi the next time you go out with you zune. You might stumble on another zuner.

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